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Haworth Village Hall is an ideal venue for almost any event.  We host everything from small meetings for local voluntary groups and youth organisations through to large-scale music events and one of the largest steampunk events in the country.  We have a small stage, operate a full bar and have a variety of rooms.  Our aim is to keep the centre affordable for all, so all of our rates are for everyone; there are no discounts but there’s also no hidden charges.

The facilities on offer are as follows:

  • A Main Hall
  • A Side room for food (the cafe)
  • A side room for stalls or extra space (the library)
  • A full bar area

We are refurbishing additional space so, if you are interested in a longer term lease, please contact us to discuss the matter further.

Prices are as follows:

DAY 9am – 12noon* 1pm – 4pm* 5pm – 9pm* 9pm until midnight
Mon £50 £50 £50  add £20 to fee
Tue £50 £50 £50 add £20 to fee
Wed £50 £50 £50 add £20 to fee
Thu £50 £50 £50 add £20 to fee
Fri £50 £50 £70 add £20 to fee Fri 5pm
Sat £70 £70 £70 add £20 to fee until Sun 11pm
Sun £70 £70 £70 add £20 to fee £400
*If hiring over two sessions, the change-over hour is included free.  Exact times can be varied based on agreements and availability.

For this price you get access to all the facilities mentioned, a small kitchen suitable for re-heating or small amounts of cooking, a hot water urn and kettle.  With advance notice a bar will be provided at no extra cost.  Please note that you will not be able to serve alcohol to your guests unless you use our bar service.

To book, please see the form on the right.